比巴播-【键盘侠】老鹰险胜热火|年轻核心配卡佩拉 下赛季大爆发?

【键盘侠】老鹰险胜热火|年轻核心配卡佩拉 下赛季大爆发?

发布时间:2020-02-21 20:44:10

[Post Game Thread] The Atlanta Hawks (16-41) defeat the Miami Heat (35-20) 129-124 behind 50 points from Trae Young




[–]Warriors Cherry_Venus 258 指標 3小時前*

Trae Young is fucking incredible, that is all.

Well, one more thing, He's doing some of the shit that I fell in love with Curry for.



[–]76ers SecondHandFood 70 指標 3小時前

Trae is a fucking gift to all NBA fans


[–]Gets TheAndOne 300 指標 3小時前

Definitely not a bust


[–]Hawks Bourneidentity61 78 指標 3小時前

Good guy Adebayo with the unnecessary foul at the end to give Trae 50


[–]sssl3 18 指標 3小時前

Am I the only one who's shocked that Trae Young had never dropped 50 before tonight?


[–]Hawks rpssp 33 指標 3小時前

He had 49 twice and was about to have 49 again tonight but Bam was a bro and fouled him at the end lmao


[–][UTA] Joe Ingles NitroXYZ 426 指標 3小時前

I fucking love this dude. People want to hate so much on him and he keeps proving them all wrong.


[–]NBA larrystrawberry 10 指標 3小時前

I feel you, I started rooting for him super hard last season when everyone labeled him a bust after a month into the season.


[–]NBA TheAmbitious1 51 指標 3小時前

I was arguing against someone the other day that said Trae was the worst player in the All Star game. It was highly upvoted too. People underrate him harddd


[–]Hawks realnbagm 91 指標 3小時前

I heard Derrick White is better


[–]Warriors NephewChaps 259 指標 3小時前*

I feel so bad for Trae haters, next 10 years are gonna be so tough on them lol


[–]Hornets YizWasHere 161 指標 3小時前*

Dude is averaging damn near 30/10 as a 21 year old lol what even is there to hate?

(And before some smartass says it, yes his defense sucks)



[–]Clippers n00bMaster27 48 指標 3小時前

His hair.


[–]Wizards justthis1timeagain 36 指標 2小時前

What's kinda crazy is, wasn't his first half really not that bad? Like very inefficient and turnover prone, but for a rookie on a bad team with high usage?


[–]Raptors polic1 20 指標 2小時前

I think because his big comparison was Luka who started off the rookie year very well.


[–]Raptors crumpledbrouhaha 149 指標 3小時前

"Not an all star starter"


[–]Pelicans He__Hate__Me 14 指標 2小時前

Seems to be what your coach thought when he benched him in the All Star game for Kyle Lowry

Not a Hawks fan, but still a little salty over that one.



[–]Hawks vivamango 24 指標 3小時前

Trae Young showing everyone why Nick Nurse is a clown for playing Lowry the whole 4th quarter.


[–][HOU] Steve Francis 2ToTooTwoFish 22 指標 3小時前

Dude, I love Trae, but if Lowry hadn't taken those charges, the tone of those last few minutes would not be as intense. No other player was gonna do that.


[–]Raptors Rezrov_ 8 指標 1小時前

You seriously think NN wasn't going to play his own veteran PG for his 6th and likely last ASG? They did the same thing to Luka, and Trae would've gotten dummied on D.


[–]Rockets xLazyBoy 19 指標 3小時前

He is the new James Harden


[–]NBA hedonistolid 81 指標 3小時前

I think he has the same shooting profile as Harden but he's a Lebron/Nash tier playmaker which makes him such a unbelievable offensive threat.


[–]Serbia AfraidOfBricks 38 指標 3小時前

why is no one comparing him to Curry? Its his best comp. Just more FT reliant and slightly worse shooter.


[–]NBA hedonistolid 58 指標 3小時前

Because Trae is a lot more ball dominant than Curry and doesn't rely as much on offball movement to get his looks.

Also saying more FT reliant and slightly worse shooter also describes the differences between Harden and Steph too lol.



[–]Ugly_Like_Me 13 指標 2小時前

This isn't a slight on Curry at all, who is one of the greatest offensive players basketball has ever seen, but Trae is a much better passer than Curry.


[–]Celtics apexlobster 17 指標 3小時前

I don’t think he has the handles or finishing ability of Curry. He leans very heavily on the floater. I think his playmaking and passing are better though. He’s also more ball dominant than Curry a la Harden


[–][HOU] Luis Scola H-TownDown 29 指標 3小時前

He’s not really in the same tier as Curry for shooting. Curry is the best shooter ever by a very wide margin. Trae’s shooting percentage from three closer to Harden’s, but he’s more consistent night-to-night. Trae’s game is the agressiveness of Harden in his ability to get to the line, the on ball dribbling and playmaking of Steve Nash, and Steph Curry’s way of attacking the pick and roll off the dribble.


[–]Mavericks lost_in_trepidation 15 指標 3小時前

Trae isn't a consistent shooter, but his range is Curry-like.

It forces teams to pick him up at half-court at least which creates a ton of space.



[–]West balooox 30 指標 3小時前

If they put pure defenders around him on the wing, he'll be fine. His offense far outweighs anything else.. and the fact that he doesn't really have shooters around him and is doing these things is amazing


[–]Hawks medieval7 27 指標 3小時前

The thing is, the shooters around him aren't that bad. Reddish is actually shooting 40% from 3 in 2020. Huerter is a solid shooter on the wing, and Hunter is at around 35%. I think they just need to mature as all around players.


[–]Mavericks Damptoe 26 指標 3小時前*

Hawks will become a winning team really soon just by replacing their expirings with average NBA quality players too. Any improvement from the young players is just icing on the top, and they're all so young that it's almost a guarantee that at least one will make a jump to a winning contributor.

They really don't seem that far away from completing the rebuild despite their record this season. They've also still got ammo for trades if necessary.




[–]Hawks Obelisk00 492 指標 3小時前

Trae is great we all know that but how about the rookies winning the game for us .


[–]Hawks Reoh 20 指標 3小時前

Hunter is finally playing more aggressive and its paying off.

And Cam had a good game with some key defensive moments to keep the momentum swinging our way late in the 4th.



[–]Hawks reddier5 156 指標 3小時前

Shout out to Cam for that clutch steal.


[–]Heat spaceysht 9 指標 2小時前

i’m gonna have nightmares about Cam’s steal on dragic


[–]Hawks braggpeak 167 指標 3小時前

Cam looked much improved all game. So much smoother on offense and great on defense.


[–]Hawks Sparks0480 68 指標 3小時前

He honestly has worked his way to second favorite player on the team. I want him to be everything that people thought he’d be before Duke


[–]Australia hello_taraa 16 指標 2小時前

This sub told me he was a bust already?


[–][IND] Reggie Miller sexualramen 20 指標 1小時前

Everyone forgets that he was playing through a core muscle injury at Duke, and that he only got surgery on it this past summer. Injuries are probably the biggest setback a young player's development can have.

Shockingly, now that he's had some time to recover, he's actually starting to show out.



[–]Mavericks lost_in_trepidation 57 指標 3小時前

Reddish and Hunter are going to be incredible in 2-3 years.


[–]Hawks Jakedawg44 31 指標 3小時前

I don’t want to wait that long. Reddish for MVP next year


[–]Raptors jacquavius 6 指標 53 分鐘前

I predicted before the season that cam would win mvp in 22-23 season. Although his numbers weren’t great, you could see that he just had it, and the core muscle injury and no spacing really hurt his numbers


[–]92tilinfinityand 8 指標 2小時前*

I think Capela is going to be huge for them. Won’t turn them into a contender overnight or anything, but Hunter is literally their only player that can play defense outside of Reddish if he chooses to defend


[–]Mavericks lost_in_trepidation 7 指標 2小時前

yeah, I think Capela is the perfect complement. It fixes their rebounding and allows Collins to play the 4. Trae will have way more options for lobs.


[–]Hawks BeNiceBro 14 指標 2小時前

Reddish is already an excellent defender and he isn't sitting on his hands. Hunter is only good defensively in spurts. Given his reputation coming into the league, he's been underwhelming on that end of the court. And if you think Fernando has been a good defender I don't know what to tell you. He has been abused all year long.



[–]Hawks SleepySoupSundays 103 指標 3小時前

Undefeated since the All-Star break


[–]NBA hedonistolid 24 指標 3小時前

coming for that 8th seed.


[–]Hawks Fangedgiraffe6 12 指標 3小時前



[–]carl73833 114 指標 3小時前

Man this Hawks teams is so fucking fun to watch


[–]Mavericks lost_in_trepidation 67 指標 3小時前

They're a great team in the making.

Trae, Hunter, and Reddish are very good building blocks.



[–]Hawks Sparks0480 48 指標 3小時前

I was kinda wondering why Dedmon wasn’t coming back in at the end since Bam was feasting. Then I realized coach Pierce was playing our core 5 lineup (Trae, Kev, Reddish, Hunter, Collins) in the clutch to get them experience and I’m elated with how it turned out. I can’t wait till this team develops


[–]Hawks custom-concern 11 指標 2小時前

Cool to see but JC has gotta get better in D


[–]Hawks Sparks0480 10 指標 2小時前

I doubt once Capela is healthy he’ll have to guard centers for 6+ minutes at a time, let alone someone as good as Bam, but hey it worked out!



[–]Heat A_Kind_Shark 184 指標 3小時前

Bam is by far our best player right now


[–]NBA hedonistolid 11 指標 3小時前

He absolutely sonned Collins.


[–][ATL] Kent Bazemore SalBeats 9 指標 1小時前

He was really impressive tonight.

He’s just an incredibly good basketball player. Bottom line lol. He’s stupid agile for his size and seems to have such solid touch around the rim.

I actually cannot believe what he has been able to turn in to over the last couple years.

I remember watching him in college and thinking he would end up as a solid rotational guy at best. Good on him man, he’s a legit star.





[–]Bucks RenDabs 20 指標 3小時前

I can't believe how good he's been this year, should be in the finalists for MIP


[–]Raptors ZeroMomentum 10 指標 3小時前

Heat played really well. But trae was better

Don’t know why jimmy tried that step back three. Should have attacked the basket imo



[–]Hawks Idntknwagoodusername 168 指標 3小時前

Jimmy Buckets just a glorified Deandre Bembry with a max contract


[–]BluefaceBabyYeaAight 28 指標 3小時前

If you were a casual fan who gets his basketball info from these ESPN shows you would think Butler is the best closer since Jordan, meanwhile dude can't hit a shot in the clutch to save his life.


[–]Pistons XolorJZ 39 指標 3小時前

Too far mate. He was one of the best closers last year. Just because he hasn’t been clutch this year doesn’t mean he’s garbage in it.


[–][HOU] Luis Scola H-TownDown 34 指標 3小時前

Clutch stats year-to-year can vary pretty wildly. It’s always a small sample size.


[–]Celtics clumsynoah 12 指標 3小時前

yeah unless we’re talking about a guy who takes most of their team’s final shots for several years and gets a sample size going (LeBron obviously, but also Damian Lillard and James Harden) those stats are always gonna be more smoke than fire


[–]Lakers badpizzaisstillgood 82 指標 3小時前

Iggy -33 in a 5 point game, yikes.